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White WinePaul Chevalier Brut White Wine$5/$18France, Light, refreshing sparkling wine. A wonderful blend of Airen grape variety and Ugni Blanc.No
White WineLunetta Prosecco White Wine$9 glass only Italy, Crisp and inviting, blends juicy apples, sweet peaches & pears to create a vibrant medley in every sip.Yes
White WinePrincipato– Pinot Grigio White Wine$5.00/$20Italy, Possesses a delicate floral bouquet and fresh fruity flavorsYes
White WineFrontera Sauvignon Blanc White Wine$4.50 glass only Chile, Chile Notes of fresh peach with a palate of this bright crisp, well balanced dry wine.Yes
White WineJ Lohr Riesling White Wine$9.00/$35California, A pale straw color, offering aromas of honeysuckle, ripe pear, lemon and lychee. These are complemented on the palate with its rich texture and natural carbonationYes
White WineVista Point White Zinfandel White Wine$4.50/$15California, Spicy strawberry citrus aromas with a bright and sweet flavor with some acidity.Yes
White WineFrontera Chardonnay White Wine$4.50 glass only Argentina, Vibrant fruit aromas of apple and papaya.Yes
Red WineSilver Gate Pinot Noir Red Wine$6/$23California, A Silky and smooth Pinot Noir that is full of bright cherry notes and hints of spices.Yes
Red WineTrapiche Malbec Red Wine$8/$27Argentina, A versitile Red that pairs well with most foods. Hints of plum and cherry with just a touch of vanilla and truffle.Yes
Red WineCypress Merlot Red Wine$7/$23California, Distant varietal aromas of black plum cherry with subtle hints of toasty oak. The red fruit signature is reminiscent of classic claret with its comfortable palate weight and bright finish.Yes
Red WineFetzer Anthony Hill Cabernet Red Wine$5.50 glass only California, Robust flavors of black cherry andn chocolate.Yes
Red WineFrontera Cabernet Red Wine$5.50 glass only Chile, Enticing red plum and chocolate aromas with soft red fruit flavors will compliment your culinary prowess with hearty stews, classic pastas, and grilled red meats.Yes
Red WineLolailo Sangria Red Wine$5/$18Spain, Light Full Bodied, fruity and refreshing.Yes
White WineDuca Di Vincenza White Wine$5/18Italy, Italian dry Frizzante wine. Sparkling No
glass only , No
glass only , No