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Band Members
Philip Calder – Vocalist
Evan Lee – Lead Guitar , Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Cox – Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tyler Rasberry – Drums, Vocals
Dominique Adams – Keys, Vocals
Rashad McCallister – Bass

Florence, SC

Wet Nose Dogs is a South Carolina band that gets to the root of southern soul. Featuring Philip Calder on lead vocals, Brandon Cox on vocals/acoustic/lead, Cory Barrentine on acoustic/electric/bass, Tyler Rasberry on drums and Max Jenks-Gilbert on lead.

After a ten plus year music career in Nashville, TN, Philip Calder moved back home to South Carolina thinking he would never sing again. Philip longed to take the stage again but life’s circumstances prevented his return to stage at every turn. In 2016, Philip met a new friend that refused to let his gift lie dormant.
Brandon Cox forced Philip to sing with him while he played the guitar and they began to cover songs. In 2017, they sparked attention by releasing videos online. Attention began to mount as these videos gained views and likes, and in August of 2017, Philip and Brandon set out in a journey that would create the band Wet Nose Dogs. Brandon made a brief exit and Philip contacted a childhood friend, Evan Lee, who had grown into a prominent electric/acoustic guitarist. They decided to begin rehearsing and playing shows.
As with all things, Wet Nose Dogs has come full circle with Brandon Cox back front and center with Philip as they realize their dream grow into more than they ever could have imagined. WND is now consistently booked as a duo with Philip and Brandon, trio – adding in Evan on lead guitar, quartet – adding Tyler Raspberry on percussion, and as a full band featuring Earl Adams on keys, and Shad McCallister on bass guitar. Wet Nose Dogs is booked at least six months in advance and their momentum continues to build. Their blues take on the genres of Country, Rock, R&B, Southern Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop has broken outside of the traditional box and embody perfectly the genre of eclectic soul with a southern twist.