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The Zero to Never experience consists of all the songs you know and love, energy that never quits, singing and dancing, clapping and cheering, and a room full of party – all night long.

Have a diverse gathering of people to entertain? Zero to Never’s light-hearted style beautifully merges decades of the most popular music to please any room full of people. Before you know it Uncle Bob and Cousin Faye will be bumping elbows with Grandma G and little Billy resulting in one giant, fun-filled event!

Zero to Never puts the emphasis on party, and who doesn’t love a great party? The band’s signature style involves using different musical genres to create a mix-up of your favorite songs from the 70’s, 80s and today. Watch as the crowd starts out singing their favorite 70’s song, and ends by dancing along to a hit from the 80’s by way of their favorite current song. You’ll want to make sure to reserve that spot on the dance floor as the party is just getting started and you don’t want to miss a beat!

Zero to Never customizes each party to create a perfect blend of class and energy seeded with personal touches to give an unmistakably unique experience. Brides and party hosts are encouraged to request a few special songs that the band will learn specifically for their event. Both friendly and professional, Zero to Never is the band that works with you to create the party of your dreams.


Band Members
Jeff Calafiore – vocals, guitar, keys
Earl Owens – bass,vocals, seksofon, ebonies & ivories
Kevin Kless – guitar, vocals, beer bottle
Jim Ratcliffe – drums, thuds and thumps, vocals

Charleston, SC

Record Label
Can of Raid Records

Zero to Never – 4 guys that play their own instruments, write some songs and play some serious party music. Check out our calendar and come experience us for yourself!

Current Location
Charleston, SC