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With his brand new single, Kentucky Grown, Timmy Dunn is pushing country music to an entirely new level. Growing up in Kentucky, Timmy has experienced all of the beauty rural America has to offer. Timmy combines authentic country storytelling with a modern musicality to bring to life not just amazing country songs, but a glimpse into the future of where music is going.

When bringing the band together, Timmy Dunn had a very specific formula in mind. The music not only had to be innovative, but needed to transcend music all together. Mixing country, and blues melodies with an edgy rock flavor on top of a solid and heart thumping rhythm section, Timmy has been able to bring his words to life. creating images of back country roads, midnights at the lake, and late night bonfires with all of your best friends. Timmy Dunn is telling a story of a country boy’s unbridled spirit to everyone, so grab a beer pull up a chair and prepare to live or relive all of the best the country life has to offer.