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Band Members
Riley Randall, Sam Roberts, Patrick Farrell, JR Spencer

Charleston, SC

Record Label
Coast Records

Punky jam-sauce spread across a toasted reggae party bun with absolutely no relish and a side of your favorite childhood memory.

See Water is the love child of reggae and punk rock. This up-and-coming band from Charleston, SC will take your ears on a roller-coaster ride through laid-back jams and hard-hitting rock riffs. Their style is similar to that of a mosh-pit on the beach at sunset. If their music was a cocktail, it would be a long island iced tea; at first you think, “There’s no way you can mix all of that together,” but sure enough, you take a sip only to find that it’s delicious and intoxicating.

See Water has been proving themselves in all their unorthodox glory at The Music Farm and Charleston Pour House, and venues throughout the east coast and the USVI, while performing alongside acts such as Passafire, Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime, The Hip Abduction, Fear Nuttin Band, Sun-Dried Vibes, TreeHouse!, and Of Good Nature. See Water has released their debut EP, entitled ‘Diluted Acoustica’, and quickly began work on their next project. Their first full-length album ‘Hit The Moon’ is to be released February 2017 with the first single, ‘Echo’, leading the way.

“When you see a body of water, whether it’s calm or violent, it makes you feel something, and that’s what we’re here to do.”

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Current Location
Charleston, SC