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“…Cotton Blue has made it a point over the years to serve up the blues in a no-nonsense way that has endeared the band to blues fans around the Lowcountry and beyond.This isn’t a band resting on its laurels, but instead a group of musicians keeping it real…” Devin Grant, Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, July 23, 2009

“With the release of its latest collection of Lowcountry swamp boogie blues, “Swamps all Around”, Cotton Blue has served up a delicious gumbo of bluesy tunes that will definitely appeal to blues fans…..”Swamps all Around” shows that Cotton Blue has no plans to stop spreading the blues sound around the Lowcountry, and we music fans are all the luckier for that.” Devin Grant, Post and Courier, Charleston, SC, Aug 7, 2007

” The blues are not about sadness;they are about soulful freedom. They capture the essence of the player’s environment and express it through music. This approach has become the mission of Charleston-based duo, The Cotton Blue Band….This year marks the second time Cotton Blue have graced the festival’s stage at the request of series coordinator Gary “Shrimp City Slim” Erwin, who’s featuring both local and international blues acts.The Band’s live shows regularly feature a high-energy, audience-interactive atmosphere. (Rob) Posey has been known to walk into the crowd and grab a beer bottle or lady’s shoe to play slide guitar solos.” Anna Miller, Spoleto 2006, Early Bird Blues

” Working among a variety of blues and rock stylings, Cotton Blue Band puts together a collection that shows sonic promise…
From the feel of the title track (“Swamp Gumbo”), to the total blues harp work and swampy guitar, the Cotton Blue Band has a passion for the genre that seeps from the laser grooves of the CD.” Michael Baugh, Charleston Freetime, July 12, 2002

” 100% Smokin’ Swamp Boogie…It’s good stuff that worth a listen.” Prentiss Findlay, Post and Courier, Jan29, 1998

“Cotton Blue shakes up the swamp on their latest CD (Voo Doo Love Doll)…Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Rob Posey, uses a variety of styles, sometimes sounding like Freddie King and at other points like Carlos Santanna. Bassist Debbie Pasek and (the) drummer form an airtight rhythm section that can catch a groove and squeeze it for all it’s worth.” Jeff Castle,Charleston Freetime, Jan 14-27, 1998

“The three-piece blues powerhouse from Edisto Island…has finally put it’s special flavor onto CD (Voo Doo Love Doll)…Cotton Blue has a lush, bluesy sound not unlike the sounds of such classic ZZ Top efforts as “Fandango” and “Tes Hombres”…there are also hints of the sound of Creedence Clearwater Revival…they create a sound every bit as thick as the swamps of which they sing…”Brian Lingren, Charleston Freetime, Jan. 29, 1997